Turners History

Turners All Star Cheerleading was established in 1995, and was the first all star cheerleading team in PA .

We are so blessed to have such amazing talent and support from our members.  The gyms we compete against from around the country get to draw from major US Cities.  It is amazing that year after year our “Small Town” All Star Program can successfully compete with the gyms from “Big City” USA.

We attribute much of our success to the family atmosphere that has always been a mainstay in our program.  Turners All Star Cheerleading was founded by sisters Lori Moss-Wilson and Tracey Moss- Koontz along with their niece Kristi Moss-Clifford.  The founders will tell you they got the gymnastics and cheerleading influence from their Mother/Grandmother, Nancy Graziani-Moss.  Nancy was affectionately called “Mam” by everyone that knew her.  Mam started all of her daughters in gymnastics at Turners.  In 1977, she started a Tumbling Group called the “South Fork Falcons”.  The group trained in buildings in South Fork and then participated in local parades showcasing their talents.  Mam soon took her gymnastics program to the Forest Hills School District.  Mam recognized the fact that gymnastics would definitely improve the cheerleading program and started the gymnastics program in 1980 at Forest Hills.  Turners finds it no coincidence that the Forest Hills Cheerleaders started having great success in the mid 80’s.   Mam, her daughters and grand daughters then took their gymnastics program to other schools in the area.  The first school after Forest Hills was St. Benedicts and then many others followed.  Cheerleading around the area quickly grew and Western PA was put on the map in the Cheerleading World.

This is where the influence and how the family ran business started and why we are at where we are, today.


All Star Cheerleading

We were PA’s FIRST All Star Cheer Team that started in 1995 and the program is stronger than ever 23 years later. We have teams from Levels 1 to 5 in our gym.  You do not need experience to be a Turners All Star Cheerleader. We have a World Class Coaching staff that will teach you all the skills necessary for success. Turners was featured in American Cheerleader Magazine as one of the Top Gyms in the United States. Our teams have been featured in Inside Cheerleading Magazine and have appeared on ESPN. Our teams all compete at the local, state, regional and national level. Inquire today to find out how you can be a Turners All Star Cheerleader.